1. Understanding Ventilation & Building Behaviour as per NBC 2016

11th July 2020

Fire & smoke ventilation can be achieved either naturally or mechanically. In a natural ventilation system a number of fire vents are opened when a fire is detected. The smoke and hot gases are driven through the vents by their natural buoyancy. In Forced or mechanical ventilation it will confine the smoke from the design fire to within a specified area, with a certain maximum depth of smoke layer. The time is more critical for life safety (egress and access), to protect plant, machinery human life . To analyse time simulation & modelling approach is very common and gives design validation or critical review of design more economical way.

Webinar on Understanding Ventilation & Building Behaviour as per NBC 2016

2. Building Fires and Tenability

27th June 2020

The term fire behaviour is used to describe the characteristics of fire growth and fire propagation, where fire is a chemical process of oxidation releasing large amount of heat. Fire behaviour depends on the physical state and distribution of fuel which can be solid, liquid, gaseous or combined. There are phases of fire during its growth known as pre and post flashover. Pre-lashover provides information on fire growth rates and it’s temperatures which influence the life safety of the occupant and his safe evacuation. Post-lashover fires produce flow of hot smoke, toxic gases and high temperatures influencing the structural stability and behave differently depending on the type of building construction. In a building fire the main hazard to the occupant is exposure to heat from the fire and in assessment of hazards. It provides a revival and tenability limits for exposures to heat and gases.

Webinar on Building Fires & Tenability

3. Recent Earthquakes – A Precursor?

12th June 2020

As the government implements protective measures to make everyone stay indoors, the nature is furious to bring us all outside by causing tremors in the Earth. During this lock down, Delhi NCR regions have faced several tremors. Near about ten low to moderate intensity of earthquakes over the past one and a half months in Delhi and National Capital Region (NCR), during this pandemic. This has created fear in the hearts of the residents and has raised a big question in their mind -if we all are safe or not. So join webinar to clear concept and get answer of your Anxiety.

Webinar on Recent Earthquakes – Precursor to a Major Event?

4. Vizag Gas Leak: A Reminder To Think Seriously

30th May 2020

In May 2020 while the country battles COVID 19, another disaster struck the city of Vishakapatnam. 11 people including 2 minors lost their lives, leaving many others in a critical state & thousands evacuated. IFE (India) in collaboration with Services International brings to you a panel of experts leading a discussion about the styrene leak in the city. Shri, K Jayaram Naik played an integral role in the frontline during this tragedy. Register for the webinar to discuss protocol, learn lessons, and strategize preventive measures for the future with industry experts.

Webinar on Vizag Gas Leak – A Reminder to Think Seriously