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The application of science, art, and engineering of architecture is vital in creating a space within the within the buildings using several elements like floors, roofs, walls, doors, windows, heams, columns forming structural boundaries and furnishing them for human interaction. Such design needs to be sustainable, enjoyable, and economical and protect against associated hazards that threaten life and or damage to space so created. The Architects find out the intended use of spaces, select the correct techno-legal regime regulating building construction activities in the area, and plan the space and services as necessary for the use of the building in conformity with the statutory requirements. For example, the National Building Code of India, 2016, and the local building Byelaws/Development Control Regulations provide fire and life safety norms. These would ensure fire & life safety in the space designed. The fire laws in most states and union territories empower the fire service authorities to check the building spaces and certify the fitness of the building. The fire laws further cast upon the obligation to maintaining the fire and life safety measures installed in the building. These buildings are test-checked by the fire service authorities or any other authority empowered under fire laws. The test checks are also called fire audits. he fire audit is a complex process. The fire services or the fire officers have their methodologies to carry out fire inspection/fire audits. They, however, ignore many critical issues for one reason or the other. In addition, there is no standard for carrying out such an inspection or a fire audit. A standard format would help to minimize such gaps. This book would be helpful to the stakeholders to identify the fire and life safety requirements appropriate to the risk and other statutory requirements, installation thereof, and prepare the report with minimal chances of missing out any. The users are requested to give their feedback for further improvement as may be necessary.


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