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IFE (India)'s advanced approach to fire engineering means that we can meet the challenges of all types of structures. Whether providing code consultation, strategic advice, fire prevention through specific fire safety design, building supervision, inspection and risk assessment, or post-fire recovery, our work is grounded in fire science.

We offer an understanding of risk and human behavior, advanced simulation, and analysis techniques, and international investment in research to stay at the forefront of fire safety engineering.

A responsive approach

Our fire safety engineers are located throughout India. They draw on the experience of IFE (India) but are also experts in national fire safety codes and planning standards. Our local knowledge enables us to provide complete and user-focused fire safety advice.

Shared global best practices have led to recognition for the high level of public safety we provide on complex projects. Our solutions meet the challenges of the many sectors in which we operate: from the precise requirements of scientific facilities to the unique conditions of sustainable high-rise buildings, to the stringent standards of airports and railroads.

Whatever the situation, we respond to our client's objectives - from strategies and user-friendly management systems to manage their fire safety and protection risks, to construction compliance services to reduce project delays.

Our long-standing expertise in fire safety provides the necessary skills to assist in post-fire recovery and analysis.

A balanced outlook

Fire safety cannot be viewed in isolation, as it is often a delicate balancing act between the competing demands of fire performance, functionality, sustainability, and design innovation.

Our fire safety experts often handle assignments where standard fire safety design methods are challenging, with the utmost accuracy and honesty.

We simulate, analyze and evaluate multiple fire scenarios to design a management system that remains safe with minor modifications to the building design.

A commitment to supporting communities and developing a safer world

Honesty, fairness to others, and the desire to achieve humanitarian goals have been at the heart of IFE (India)'s work since 1973. The Fire team's expertise in fire safety in the built environment allows us to play an active role in the community and support important social causes - from providing fire safety training to children to offering fire safety advice.

We also give something back to society through our research on fire safety in informal settlements (also known as slums, squatter settlements, etc.) A single fire can affect thousands of people due to poor building materials, lack of planning, energy scarcity, and complex socioeconomic conditions.

In collaboration with Fire India, the Fire team is adopting a technical approach to assessing fire risk in the built environment, taking into account the social, political, and environmental aspects of informal settlements. This should enable stakeholders working with informal settlements to assess fire risk and identify the most effective investment opportunities to improve fire safety in informal settlements around the world.


We stay at the forefront of fire safety design by supporting Researchers, Masterate, Ph.D., and Professorships programs at leading universities to help create innovative fire engineering technologies. This approach means we can meet the challenges posed by all types of complex building forms.

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